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Join the ever growing Urology Cancer Center, GU Research & XCancer Research team of more than 60 impressive individuals who everyday get to learn new science, share compassion and grow professionally as an individual all in an effort to fight cancer and lift the burdens of cancer patients.

Even if you don't have a science or healthcare background many of our positions are looking for people who are disciplined, organized, able to critically think and demonstrate a positive attitude. We will do the training and help you grow into a valuable member of our clinic and research teams.

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What A Career at Urology Cancer Center Looks Like:

When you start a career at UCC you are becoming part of a family. We continuously work to maintain a Culture of professionalism, career growth, respect, and teamwork. Your day to day job may involve certain tasks but your daily mission at UCC is to provide every patient with the best experience possible while helping lift any of their burdens.

No matter if you work at the front desk, a clinician treating patients, or any other position in between, you will become an expert at your position given our extreme focus on Prostate Cancer, Urologic Cancers, & Clinical Research Trials. You will become close with patients, many of whom have been monthly patients for more than a decade. You will be exposed to the most innovative cancer research trials and sit in on research meetings with scientists and CEOs of pharmaceutical companies discussing novel treatments. You will share in the joy and successes of patients who were looking at hospice and are now without disease. You will also share in the sorrows and hugs of patients who lost their fight with cancer. We do it together as a Team, together as a Family!

Our culture of teamwork building extends outside of work. We often have team building events to build comradery. These range from visiting patients at their homes, assisting patients with chores like pulling weeds or shoveling walks, escape room and sand sculpting competitions, to working with a cancer center in Tanzania, Africa to help build a patient housing center.


Dr. Nordquist realizes his professional dream is a reality today because of people opening doors for him, the vision of his leadership and the dedicated work of all of his staff. He feels strongly that he wants to give back and help each employee have the means to work towards their dreams.

Our salaries are extremely competitive.

PTO is progressive the longer you are employed. We strive to be flexible with our staff when it comes to family and life events. If an employee has a child's school event during work hours, as long as the job is getting done and/or there is coverage, employees will attend without using PTO. We have a culture of mutual respect and professionalism. 

Our benefits include BCBS health insurance

UCC contributes 5% of your salary into your 401k automatically.

All employees are evaluated for an end of year bonus up to 10% of their annual salary.

All employees are also given UAR (stock) in XCancer. Dr. Luke's research network throughout the United States.

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The Only Cancer Center in the United States Exclusively Dedicated to the Treatment and Research of Prostate and Urological Cancers.

Your UCC Cancer Team brings all of the FDA approved standard of care treatments to the fight against your cancer.  However, more than ANY other cancer center in the U.S., the UCC Cancer Team has the most access to the latest cutting edge clinical research trials providing potentially life-saving treatments. Cancer research is the only way to discover and utilize new treatments for cancer patients. The Urology Center's Research Team is Globally recognized as a leader by scientific thought leaders, patients and pharmaceutical companies  Contact us today for the expert 2nd opinion that you deserve to see how we can bring the best fight against your cancer!

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