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Urologic Cancer Management



The management of urologic cancers requires a team of experts that all play a vital role in the best treatment for your care. Consider there are 3 main tools to treat a cancer: surgery, radiation and medicines. Given these 3 tools and there is a type of physician for each tool so there could be 3 potential physicians involved in your cancer care.

3 potential physicians: 

  1. Urologist (the surgeon): Probably the first physician you will encounter given they perform the biopsy to make the diagnosis of cancer and if the cancer is confined the urologist may consider surgery to remove the cancer.
  2. Radiation Oncologist: If the cancer is confined the alternative to surgery for most cancers is to radiate the tumor. A radiation oncologist directs short (20 min) daily treatments of radiation at the cancer for several weeks in an attempt to treat the cancer.
  3. Medical Oncologist: This is a cancer specialist who is an expert at the use of all types of medicines to treat cancers including hormone treatments, chemotherapies, targeted therapies, precision/genetic treatments, immune therapies, vaccines and cancer directed therapies. A Urologic Medical Oncologist such as Dr. Nordquist further specializes the medicines specifically for prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular cancers.


Other members of the team:

  1. The PATIENT: Let’s face it. It’s your life at stake. If at anytime you feel you are not receiving the best and most appropriate care for your cancer it is absolutely ok for you to seek additional opinions or other treatment options. The highest quality cancer specialists will take all the time you need and explain your cancer in terms you understand along with ALL of your options even if that physician doesn’t provide those options so that you can have the best possible outcome. We serve you the patient!
  2. Caregiver(s)
  3. Nurses
  4. Psychosocial Support team
  5. Financial Assistance Support team
  6. Many others: Pathologists, Radiologists, Nephrologists, Dieticians, etc



For established patients experiencing significant symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, pain, nausea/vomiting, fever, etc. we encourage you to call our office, speak to one of our nurses who will direct you with advice over the phone, direct you to the emergency room, or preferably have you come into our office the same day to be seen by Dr. Nordquist, Jill or Kelly and managed accordingly.