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Nuclear Medicine

What is Nuclear Medicine?



                                                         Actual UCC Prostate Cancer patient before and after Xofigo (Radium 223) treatment


The Urology Cancer Center houses a complete Nuclear Medicine department staffed with Nuclear Medicine physicians and Nuclear Medicine technologists. The Nuclear Medicine department provides both imaging and therapeutic services.

IMAGING SERVICES: Our gamma camera (bone scanner) allows for rapid testing without delays and typically immediate results. Bone scan imaging detects cancer which has spread to the bones which is common in prostate and kidney cancers. Furthermore we are one of the few cancer centers in the U.S. that are using BSI (bone scan index) scores through a cloud based system in collaboration with a scientific group from Sweden to quantify bone scan images. We use these imaging results in addition to the standard CT scan, MRI, and PET scan results to provide the best possible care.

THERAPEUTIC SERVICES: There are more cancer directed treatments that are delivering very small amounts of radioactive treatments precisely to cancer cells. This is allowing for very active treatment with minimal side effects. The Urology Cancer Center is a world leader in the administration and research of Xofigo (radium 223) which is an FDA approved treatment for prostate cancer which has spread to the bone. See the images below for before and after results of a patient at UCC with metastatic prostate cancer in the bone treated with Xofigo.

THERANOSTICS: This is the future of nuclear medicine oncology treatments. It is the combination of imaging techniques with radioactive directed treatments. We are one of only a few cancer centers in the U.S. currently involved with Lu177 therapy targeting PSMA on prostate cancer cells.





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