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 Convenient Pharmacy For UCC Patients



The Urology Cancer Center also houses a licensed pharmacy for its patients. Dr. Nordquist is not only a Medical Oncologist but also a Registered Pharmacist in Nebraska. This allows the same cancer team that is treating your cancer to also fill your cancer related prescriptions. This has many benefits for our patients including:

  • KNOWLEDGE: No other pharmacy will better understand your  personal cancer care, necessary dosages, and how to handle potential side effects that you may experience
  • ACCESS: 24/7 access to Dr. Nordquist with prescription questions and solutions to potential side effects
  • CONVENIENCE: Most often your prescription will be waiting for you when you check out. No need to stop at another pharmacy or wait at home for a delivery of your necessary cancer treatment. We also take care of any insurance prior authorizations that may be necessary.
  • FINANCIAL: Our expert financial assistance team work closely with several patient financial assistance foundations and pharmaceutical companies to insure patients maintain the ability to afford their treatment.

Some insurance companies do require prescriptions be filled through their own specialty pharmacy/mail order. In such cases we will help make those arrangements on your behalf.

To avoid disruption of your care it is strongly advised to call our office for refills Monday-Thursday and not wait for the weekend.