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Today, cancer patients and their families are facing a growing mountain of challenges that make receiving the best cancer care more difficult. These challenges often lead to inadequate care or even in some cases complete lack of care.  Many of these challenges relate to the rising costs of cancer care, insurances, and access to  appropriate cancer specialists and necessary treatments.

Dr. Nordquist and his staff unfortunately witness these patient challenges on a daily basis. However, we are not sitting silent. The UCC team of cancer professionals are speaking loudly for all cancer patients and the larger we can grow our UCC ADVOCACY ARMY with more politically active patients, family members and caregivers, the more we are heard by those that can make changes.

We regularly network locally with Nebraska State Senators and nationally with U.S. Senators & Congressmen on current issues to improve cancer care for all cancer patients. We highlight issues affecting a cancer patients, consider solutions, activate appropriate advocacy groups and patients, and then educate the necessary lawmakers to attempt to resolve these issues. We don’t act alone. We often work together with other large advocacy groups such as COA (Community Oncology Alliance) and ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology).

Example: one of the greatest hurdles we are facing in cancer care is the cost of oral (pill form) cancer treatments. You might ask why would it matter if a cancer treatment is a pill or shot or IV bag. Currently regulations state if a cancer treatment is given by a needle it will be covered under a patient’s medical benefit portion of their insurance/Medicare/Medicaid plan. However if the same cancer is treated with a oral (pill) form of treatment, that treatment will be covered under the patient’s prescription benefit portion of their plan. This unfortunately puts significant more financial burden on the patients. Copays can be several hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month making such necessary treatments unaffordable. To make matters worse pharmaceutical companies continue to produce more new cancer treatments as pills so the problem will only get worse. It is estimated that over 60% of the new drugs in the development pipeline are pills and not injection drugs.  The UCC Advocacy Army already conceived a bill in Nebraska to improve insurance coverage of oral cancer treatments that we promoted through the state legislature and got unanimously approved and signed into law in 2013. However, this has not fixed the issue and more needs to be done!

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CMS’ 340B Reform Proposal Is a Good – Long Overdue – First Step

The 340B Drug Discount Program is an innocent-sounding program with the best of intentions. But behind it lies a classic tale of government run amok. After 25 years, this critically important safety net for patients in need has been overrun by some “corporate” hospitals that masquerade as nonprofits. While these bad actors make a killing off of 340B, the very patients it was intended to benefit suffer — and all of us taxpayers foot the bill.   Click here for the complete article 



You have the ability to make a difference! Become a member of the UCC Advocacy Army today!!

Email:  politicalinfo@gucancer.com with your name and email address.

Whenever we need to activate our Army of patients and caregivers to fight a specific challenge for cancer patients you will receive an email from us that includes:  1) an explanation regarding the issue, 2) a sample or template response and 3) who and how to contact with your response.

Legislators do listen  especially when we all have the same message for change!!