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How Do I Become a Patient at UCC?


Maybe you were just diagnosed and don't know where to turn or maybe you have been receiving care but you are questioning if you are on the right treatment or if you have more options than you were told. Maybe you were told you have no more options remaining.

We highly encourage self referrals for your initial diagnosis and 2nd or 3rd Opinions for your cancer management. It is your life, your fight, you deserve to learn more and better enable you and your family to make the right decisions.  Most often patients learn they have more options than they were aware.

Step 1: Call our office 402-991-8468, M-F during business hours and state that you wish to be seen in our office
Step 2: Our office will have your complete a verbal consent to release your medical records from other offices
Step 3: You will be given an appointment date. For urgent cases, Dr. Nordquist can often work you into his schedule in 1-2 days. For non-urgent appointments we will work with what is most convenient for your schedule typically in 7-14 business days.
Step 4: We will take over and obtain all of the medical records that we need from each office including out of state offices.
Step 5: You will have to complete "NEW PATIENT FORMS" which can be found on this website under "Start Your Care" or filled out upon arrival for your first visit.
Step 6: For your first visit you will need to bring: 1) CURRENT Insurance Card 2) Prescription Card 3) Photo ID 4) List of all of your medications and supplements.


If your physician is referring you to Dr. Luke for a consultation or 2nd Opinion. Their office will take care of having you sign a medical release consent and make your appointment with us for you.

You will still need to fill out the New Patient Forms along with bringing in: 1) CURRENT Insurance Card 2) Prescription Card 3) Photo ID 4) List of all of your medications and supplements for your first appointment.

The Only Cancer Center in the United States Exclusively Dedicated to the Treatment and Research of Prostate and Urological Cancers.

Your UCC Cancer Team brings all of the FDA approved standard of care treatments to the fight against your cancer.  However, more than ANY other cancer center in the U.S., the UCC Cancer Team has the most access to the latest cutting edge clinical research trials providing potentially life-saving treatments. Cancer research is the only way to discover and utilize new treatments for cancer patients. The Urology Center's Research Team is Globally recognized as a leader by scientific thought leaders, patients and pharmaceutical companies  Contact us today for the expert 2nd opinion that you deserve to see how we can bring the best fight against your cancer!

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