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The UCC is the global leader in prostate cancer research and the region’s only practice dedicated solely to the research and treatment of urological cancers; but what does that mean for you and your treatment?  

When we started the UCC we set out on a course to use research for the benefit of the patient rather than the advancement of medicine.  While we are often able to accomplish both goals, our focus is on finding the best possible treatment options for you and being fluid in the usage of any available clinical trial to find the treatment options that work for you.  

Take a look at the image below and allow me to walk you through it.  (Insert redesigned fire/buckets image)

Typically, through cancer research, you have one bucket of water to fight the fire.  If that bucket happens to put out the fire, great! If that one bucket is not able to put out the fire, your options are often limited and it can be difficult to get another bucket of water.  With the way that we use research you essentially have unlimited buckets of water to put out the fire.  Now, that doesn’t mean that the fire goes out quickly, sometimes it takes a few buckets until you find the right bucket of water, but your supply of buckets extends well beyond the one bucket you typically get with traditional cancer research.   

How we use the available research options for your course of treatment will depend on your specific case and needs.  We approach each person’s care like the individual they are and look for the best potential options to fight their cancer.  We are constantly evaluating your case and progress and will often discuss with you how the current option is working but also what the next best option is for your care, should we need to change your course.    

At the UCC we are Researching More so that we can help you achieve your More.

The Only Cancer Center in the United States Exclusively Dedicated to the Treatment and Research of Prostate and Urological Cancers.

Your UCC Cancer Team brings all of the FDA approved standard of care treatments to the fight against your cancer.  However, more than ANY other cancer center in the U.S., the UCC Cancer Team has the most access to the latest cutting edge clinical research trials providing potentially life-saving treatments. Cancer research is the only way to discover and utilize new treatments for cancer patients. The Urology Center's Research Team is Globally recognized as a leader by scientific thought leaders, patients and pharmaceutical companies  Contact us today for the expert 2nd opinion that you deserve to see how we can bring the best fight against your cancer!

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