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Not all board-certified Oncologists are the same. They have different training, different cancer interests, and different motivations. The majority of Oncologists spend their days treating ALL types of cancer.  In their typical clinic, they will treat patients with breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemias, lymphomas, colon cancer, prostate cancer and more. The amount of knowledge that it takes to keep up with even one cancer type is expansive and keeping up with the latest information for all cancer types is borderline impossible.  Because of this vast mountain of information and rapidly changing treatment options, most oncologists can only provide standard of care treatments. That is good care, but it may be outdated and may not be your best care. In reality it often limits your care.

As an example, for non-curable prostate cancer patients, there are around12 FDA approved medicines to control the cancer for the rest of your life. Each treatment will only work for so long before the cancer becomes resistant and the Oncologist is forced to abandon that therapy and move on to the next treatment.  However, in 2020 there are over 1,300 active prostate cancer clinical research trials accruing. As I explain to my patients, if I had non-curable prostate cancer, I want the 12 FDA approved treatments, but I also want an Oncologist who has knowledge and access to the 1,300 research options. The issue is not all Oncologists have access to many of the trials. They may say they do research but may only have a trial or two open that doesn't even fit your cancer situation. If your Oncologist is treating all cancer types he or she would have to keep up on over 21,000 clinical trials.....not possible.

No other Oncologist in the U.S. has access to as many innovative clinical trials for prostate cancer than Dr. Luke and his GU Research team. They often have patients on a trial first before any other center including all the major academic centers. As an example, using the newest most promising Radiopharmaceutical agents for prostate cancer. 3 centers in the entire U.S. were chosen: Memorial Sloan Kettering, Tulane University, and Urology Cancer Center/GU Research, Omaha.

Furthermore, clinical trials are not the only way to improve survival and quality of life for patients. How an Oncologist manages the FDA approved standard treatments matter immensely and varies widely. It is a little bit like a chess match. If I can get an extra 3-4 months out of 12 FDA approved treatments for prostate cancer, that’s an extra 3 years of life and if another Oncologist is stopping those same treatments 3 months too soon, that's a 6 year swing in survival. Unfortunately I see 2nd and 3rd opinions for patients from coast to coast and frequently the FDA approved standard treatments are mismanaged by another Oncologist or Urologist resulting in shortened life of the patient. As an example many patient's treatments for prostate cancer are stopped when their PSA rises. Patients are educated with Dr. Luke that NO treatment should ever be stopped based on PSA alone. Patients can be on treatments for months to years longer in a setting of PSA rising with absolutely no progression of the cancer on scans. So in essence those Oncologists and Urologists are wasting life-saving treatments.

The goal of treatment varies depending on the stage of the cancer, the age, and general health of the patient among other things. Education of the patient and their family about the cancer, the treatment options, and the expected short and long-term side effects needs to be a focus during each visit. At each treatment transition point, all options from FDA approved standards to the available and most promising clinical trials should be discussed. It is not uncommon for Dr. Luke to spend 2-3 hours with each new patient discussing these options and goals at a level that every patient walks out with a better understanding.

Often patients look at their Oncologist as someone that is primarily interested in giving medicines and may treat each patient like a number or a case and not like they would treat a member of their own family. Dr. Luke has had several family members and friends affected by cancer. He looks at each patient as if they were a family member. He isn't holding back any special treatments or ideas for someone else. Dr. Luke makes 3 promises to each patient for any treatment that he starts. He will only continue a treatment if:
1) The treatment is working. Even if a patient is on a trial and the treatment stops working the treatment will be stopped immediately.
2) The treatment is not hurting the patient. If a patient is experiencing mild side effects they will likely manage and continue treatment but if the patient experiences significant side effects the treatment will be modified or stopped.
3) The treatment cannot break their bank. Dr. Luke's team works tirelessly to get free drug or work with very manageable payments. Patients on clinical trials typically pay nothing for their treatments.

Prostate & Urologic cancers is all that Dr. Luke and his professional staff see. It is his passion and his calling. Every conference, they attend, every journal article they read or publish, and every meeting they participate in is focused only on these cancer types. Seeing over 400 men a month with prostate cancer from more than 40 states for over 15years insures you as a patient are getting that wealth of experience and knowledge applied to your own case.

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Your UCC Cancer Team brings all of the FDA approved standard of care treatments to the fight against your cancer.  However, more than ANY other cancer center in the U.S., the UCC Cancer Team has the most access to the latest cutting edge clinical research trials providing potentially life-saving treatments. Cancer research is the only way to discover and utilize new treatments for cancer patients. The Urology Center's Research Team is Globally recognized as a leader by scientific thought leaders, patients and pharmaceutical companies  Contact us today for the expert 2nd opinion that you deserve to see how we can bring the best fight against your cancer!

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