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What is Survivorship?

Cancer survivorship is living with, through and beyond cancer, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). There are almost 16 million people with a history of cancer, living in the United States; that’s 4.8% of the US population. Many times people believe survivorship is defined as having no signs of cancer after finishing treatment; however, there are actually three phases of survivorship including acute, extended and permanent survivorship. Acute survivorship is where the treatment is the priority. Extended survivorship starts at treatment completion and ends a few months after therapy is done; managing side effects is the focus. Finally, permanent survivorship begins years after treatment completion; long term effects of treatment and health maintenance are the focus. Many permanent survivors describe their life following cancer as a “new normal.” Regular follow up is imperative; to address physical and emotional changes, continue cancer screenings and promote healthy life choices. We want to be there for all stages of survivors, helping them feel their best and plan for their future.


Our team at the Urology Cancer Center realizes that cancer affects your life and the lives of your family in many ways even long after the cancer has been treated. These include concern for the cancer recurring, long-term side effects, financial concerns, anxiety, depression, loss of bodily function(s), and difficulty with relationships to name a few. Our commitment to you does not stop with the completion of your treatment. We will be a lifelong part of your cancer survivorship team to help you manage and find resources to deal with these issues.

For more information you can visit:

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