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Our team's mission is to provide you with an extraordinary experience.

Our Promise

Each staff member of the Urology Cancer Center was chosen for their experience, bright personalities, and their dedication to creating a positive environment for each of our patients.   We promote values of Compassion, Empathy, Unparalleled Quality, and Innovative Care. Having a cancer is daunting and stressful. Our staff will go above and beyond to support you.

Gary Glissman, RN, BS, CCM (retired)

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Romero, MS, CCRC

VP Research Development

Stacy Moore

VP Finance / Administrative Manager

Duane Robinson

Director of IT

Wendy White RN, BSN, ONS

Clinical Nurse

Megan Johnson, RN, BSN, OCN, ONS

Clinical Nurse

Alex Mack, CNA

Nursing Assistant

Emily Rosso, RN, BSN, ONS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Heather Mittelstedt, RN, BSN, ONS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Laura Frank, RN, BSN, ONS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Katie Pagels, RTR, CT

Clinical Research Coordinator

Bailey Gabler

Clinical Research Coordinator

Rosa Palmer

Data Manager

Janet Lapour RN, BSN, CCRC

Clinical Research Coordinator / Data Manager

Amy Hayes

Data Coordinator

Justine Flores

Data Coordinator

Leah Janes

Data Coordinator

Sherry Thorne, BS, MOL, CCRP

Director of Site Development and Regulatory

Haley Tarpinian

Regulatory Coordinator

Kim Baird, BS

Regulatory Coordinator

Kristen Heimann, BS

Director, HR/Research Regulatory

Lori Scott

Assistant Manager Finance/Administrative Services

Shelby Urkoski, BS

Research/Patient Finance Assistant

Staci Erickson

Research/Patient Finance Assistant

Rita Urban, BS

Research /Patient Finance Assistant/Patient Advocate

Matt McDonald, BS, CNMT

Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Larissa Eyberg, MS, R.T. (R)(CT)

Radiographer CT Technologist

Monica Nelle, MLS (ASCP)

Lab Manager

Yuliya Popkova

Research Assistant

Sydney Bruegman

Medical Records / Patient Advocate

Cori Randone, BS

Patient Advocate

Shilo Stueckrath

Patient Advocate

Ayla Payne

Patient Advocate 

Katie deBoer

Patient Advocate 

Bob Coombes

Facility Manager

A Global Leader in Prostate Cancer Research

Cancer research is the only process available to discover and utilize new treatments for cancer patients. The Urology Center & GU Research Network is recognized by thought leaders, patients and pharmaceutical companies as a global leader in research.

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