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I’m 42 years old and was just diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. I was so scared. Dr Luke’s office called me 3 days after my surgery to schedule an appointment, next thing I know Dr Luke is in my hospital room drawing out a description of what is going on. He spent a good hour and a half with my wife and me and that made me real comfortable. Then while I was in the hospital I had an MRI and they said they wouldn’t have results till the next day. I no sooner got done and Dr Luke was up in my room giving me the good news about the MRI and spent about a half hour with us again. He explains everything step by step and makes you feel good that you chose him to help you with a very difficult time. I had my first visit to his office last week and let me tell you what a great experience that was, they really make this cancer thing a lot easier to deal with. So far we are confident that we made the right choice in a Doctor to fight this battle with us.
Kidney Cancer Patient

I cannot begin to tell you what I was feeling after I found out that my cancer had reared its ugly head again.. Fortunately a close friend of mine suggested that I talk to Dr. Luke.. OMG!! After seeing so many doctors, hospitals etc. you tend to get frustrated to say the least but the moment I stepped into the office of Dr. Luke…at ease.. It was amazing. It was total ZEN. I really don’t think that I have ever been so relaxed in a doctor’s office. EVERYONE was so nice and kind. When I met Dr. Luke it was instant…I think this guy is going to help me. He gets it!! He knows it!! and he is going to HELP me make the right decisions toward my future health issues. He is up on and pilots all the new break-through studies and trials that are current and what is in the pipeline. I truly believe that we are going to have a very long relationship. With his guidance I know that I may have the cancer but HE is going to help me LIVE with it.. He, in my opinion, is SUPERB and I thank you Dr. Luke for your encouragement.
Prostate Cancer Patient

“Dr. Nordquist met with me and my wife to discuss and discern future treatments of my prostate cancer which returned after 13 years. I had radical invasive surgery and local focused radiation prior to this visit. Dr. Nordquist explained all of my options in the future, drew graphic illustrations which illustrated in the clearest terms the lifetime processes and protocols for the various treatments. We learned more about this disease and treatments than we ever knew before. We have chosen him as our doctor and feel very comfortable with his demeanor and professionalism.”
Harry A. Jordan

“My husband and I met with Dr. Nordquist for a consultation on November 7, 2011. We would like to thank him for everything. Dr. Nordquist put us both at ease instantly, explained everything to us in language we could relate to and was very thorough about all of the options available for my husband’s treatment. We left Dr. Nordquist’s office with a wealth of knowledge, and with the great feeling that there still are Doctor’s who will sit with you and care about you as a person, not just as a patient. Thank you, Dr. Nordquist.”
Mark and Vicki Carlson

“When faced with the biggest decision of my life, knowing every choice was a matter of life and death… I did what most newly diagnosed cancer patients do, I prayed. I asked for a miracle, an angel and more time. My prayers were answered when he sent me Dr. Luke Nordquist. Beyond the brilliance of his kind heart, the man is highly intelligent. Dr. Luke Nordquist is, by my experience, the only choice.”

“Dr. Nordquist is very friendly and make you feel at ease. He is very precise and detailed in his explanations. He reviewed the areas of surgery, radiation, hormones and chemotherapy. He asked if I had any questions, and he answered all of my questions. I thank you Dr. Nordquist”.

“Dr. Nordquist seems to really CARE about your treatment and how you are feeling. During chemo when I was having a very rough time Dr Nordquist carefully adjusted my treatment to make it more bearable. I have also recently benefited from one of the latest treatments available. The country needs more doctors like Dr. Nordquist.”
Pete & Anne

“Dr. Nordquist is an amazing doctor. He is very personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend any one who is looking for an oncologist to go and see him. You won’t regret it.”

“Dealing with an elderly parent with cancer is very tough. Dr. Nordquist walked us through everything and spoke to my father in a reassuring manner that put both of us at ease. Of all the doctors we dealt with, none have helped us through this illness as much as he has.”
Prostate Cancer Patient

“Dr. Nordquist did an outstanding job explaining prostate cancer and all available treatments. He gave us all the time we needed for questions and answers. If only doctors had his “bedside” manner.”
Prostate Cancer Patient

“Dr. Nordquist did a fabulous job of teaching my wife and I about prostate cancer. By the end of the hour spent with him, we both completely understood not only my disease and our treatment options, but many other aspects of prostate cancer as well. He was informative, friendly, and professional.”
Prostate Cancer Patient

“I’m very grateful that my University Oncologist referred me to Omaha for Dr. Nordquist’s research drug. His staff has been a joy to work with and even today I continue to travel to Omaha for my Prostate Cancer care”

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