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How We Are Unique



CLINICAL APPROACH: We utilize a unique team approach:  Dr. Luke & his Clinical Team, Research Coordinators, Treatment Nurses, Pharmacy, Scheduling and Financial staff work simultaneously during a patient’s visit to insure delivery of the most accurate, personalized, efficient & expert care.


PATIENT EDUCATION: Expect Dr. Luke to spend 1-2 hours during your initial consultation educating you at an understandable level on your type of cancer and ALL of your treatment options including promising new treatments and clinical trials.  All of your questions will be addressed.


TREAMENT OPTIONS: In addition to all approved treatments, UCC has unparalleled access to an ever growing pipeline of new drugs on clinical trials. UCC has the most available treatment options for prostate cancer compared to all other major centers.


PATIENT ACCESS: Each patient has 24/7 direct cell phone access to Dr. Luke.


UNPRECEDENTED PATIENT SATISFACTION: UCC has a unique culture based on core values: Hope, Empathy, Education, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork which creates an extremely positive patient encounter. Over 350 patients have written 5-star reviews about their care at UCC.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE / INSURANCE COUNSELING: We understand the financial burdens cancer may cause a patient and their family. We have the most understanding and expertly trained staff when it comes to choosing the most appropriate insurance plans and obtaining foundation or pharmaceutical assistance to minimize your out of pocket costs.