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Most Exciting Cancer Treatment Since Chemotherapy' Could Save Patients Using DNA Tests

(The Telegraph [UK]) June 4, 2016 - A revolutionary approach to treating cancer using DNA tests can shrink tumours at six times the rates of conventional medicine, major trials reveal today. 


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About Urological Cancers

Urologic Cancers, also referred to as Genitourinary (GU) Cancers include cancers of the Prostate, Bladder, Kidney, & Testicles. Although cancers of the Prostate and Testicles affect only men, cancers of the Bladder and Kidneys affect both men and women. These cancers are optimally treated by teams of cancer specialists including Urologic Oncologists, Urologists, and Radiation Oncologists. Using the latest research and technical advances are vital to maintaining optimal quality of life while at the same time obtaining the best possible outcome!

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