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The new Urology Cancer Center website is in the works!
We’ll be eager to share it Q4 2017.

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From Our Patients

quote.png Dr. Nordquist is one of the Midwest specialists in Bladder Cancer. His diagnostic and treatment advice has saved my life. I think highly of him.  quoteEnd.png

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Cancer Opinions with Dr. Luke, News Radio 1110 KFAB

Cancer Opinions with Dr.Luke
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  • An on-line virtual cancer center that provides expert second opinions for all cancer types
  • Medical records review and personalized cancer guidance from leading U.S. cancer experts
  • Comprehensive reports include cancer education, personal recommendations and information on new treatment and research trials
  • Remain with your current oncologist
  • Expert answers within 7-10 days

Visit CancerOpinions.com for a sample report or call 1-888-932-6746 to speak with one of our expert staff

About Urological Cancers

Urologic Cancers, also referred to as Genitourinary (GU) Cancers include cancers of the Prostate, Bladder, Kidney, & Testicles. Although cancers of the Prostate and Testicles affect only men, cancers of the Bladder and Kidneys affect both men and women. These cancers are optimally treated by teams of cancer specialists including Urologic Oncologists, Urologists, and Radiation Oncologists. Using the latest research and technical advances are vital to maintaining optimal quality of life while at the same time obtaining the best possible outcome!

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